Spry Image Server

The Spry Image Server is an application build as an affordable web imaging solution for anyone who is frustrated with the state of imaging on the web today but does not want to pay the exorbitant prices required to purchase an enterprise level dynamic imaging solution. The Spry Photo Image Server allows you to dynamically manipulate your website images removing the need for multiple sized copies of each image and expanding the possiblities for reusing your images.

  • Integrate easily with your web infrastructure
  • Resize, crop, and convert images on the fly
  • Eliminate needing multiple copies of the same image in different sizes
  • Build eye catching image slide shows with full zoom
  • Avaiable for PHP and .NET version
  • New PHP version 0.5 released April 2011

Dynamic Images (more)

Easily resize images on-the-fly without expensive hardware/software or tricky configurations. Through the use of URL paramters an image can be resized, cropped, and/or converted to web formats on the fly. This means that as a web developer or content poster you no longer have to mess around with Photoshop or other image editing software to get the right size then save multiple copies of the same image to your site.
All of this can be accomplished through by loading your website images through the spry photo image server and adding paramters to the URL such as:

Integration with Pixel Tours (more)

Integrate with the Pixel Tours dynamic image viewer to create visually appealing product displays or property tours. All of this can be acomplished without expensive image server software and hardware.
The Pixel Tours dynamic image viewer allows multiple images to be combined together to create eye catching slideshows with full zoom capabilities as well as full screen and spin options.

For more information on the Pixel Tours dyanmic image viewer please visit the Pixel Tours website at: www.pixeltours.com.

System Requirements

The Spry Photo Image Server solution is an image serving solution which requires only minimal system resources to run and can be easily configured to support the needs of your website. The system requirements to run the application are as follows:

ASP.NET version

PHP version

Seeing is Believing

Below is a list of some of the sites running the Spry Image Server today:

For more information on how the Spry Image Server can be used on your website or to arrange to try it for yourself, please contact info@spryphoto.com.